When you work with Royal Railings, you gain access to a wide variety of product types and manufacturers. Different materials offer various benefits. Below is a list of the primary material types used for railings and a few features of each. Please visit the dedicated page for each product type for more detailed information. At Royal Railings, we’re happy to walk you through the various options, so that you can identify the products that best meet your expectations for design, budget, safety, and turnaround time.

Aluminum: Aluminum is often an excellent choice for exterior railings due to easy maintenance and longevity. Royal Railings offers the fastest order fulfillment times for aluminum railings available in the industry. We are the exclusive manufacturer and dealer of Ultralox railing products in North Carolina.

Cable: Stylish and low-maintenance, cable provides nearly unobstructed views and can be used for both interior and exterior railings. Customers often choose cable railings for homes and other buildings with contemporary architecture. Because cable is thinner than traditional pickets, it’s a popular choice for railings for decks and interior second stories that offer a view to the floor below.

Wood: Many people feel the aesthetics that wood railings offer cannot be surpassed. Royal Railings offers an extensive range of wood products from premium commodity handrail and fitting components to completely custom interior and exterior railings. Multiple wood species are available.

Wrought Iron: Wrought iron pickets combine beauty and utility, particularly when installed into wood for interior railings. Wrought iron is ductile, meaning the metal can be shaped into a wide range of artistic designs to suit your tastes and decor. At Royal Railings, we have decades of experience designing and installing wrought iron balusters into wood handrails and stair treads.

 Glass: Similar to cable railings, glass is often used in contemporary architecture, particularly when unobstructed views are desired. Glass also offers a windscreen and increased safety. Children and pets cannot fail through, and they can enjoy the view without trying to climb up to see over the railing. Glass railings are typically easy to maintain and keep clean.

 Composite Decking and Railings: Composite decking and railings offer terrific longevity and easy installation. These man-made components are comprised of equal parts of wood fiber and plastic and will never splinter or rot. They don’t need staining and are produced in a wide variety of styles that mimic wood species from cedar to Brazilian walnut. Maintenance is typically limited to an annual washing.

 PVC and Vinyl: PVC and vinyl railings are now used in a variety of applications, similar to traditional wood railings. Vinyl lasts longer than wood, requires virtually no maintenance, and isn’t susceptible to insects, fungus, or dry rot. Vinyl products can vary greatly in terms of quality, and we’re happy to help you navigate the options available to you.

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